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Fundamental & Technical (1 Week)Nagpur
6th May
Center, IT Park Road₹5999 ₹9999
Futures &
Options (1 Week)
13th May
Center, IT Park Road₹5999 ₹9999
Distance Learning ProgramAllNA₹4999 ₹9999
Fundamental & TechnicalNashik
26th May
Hotel, College Road₹7999 ₹9999
Fundamental & TechnicalHyderabad
2nd June
Hotel, Banjara Hills₹7999 ₹9999

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Know why Students, Professionals, Bankers, Govt Employees, Businessmen, RBI Officers prefer NISMT?

"One of the best workshop I have ever attended on stock market. The language used is very simple and can be understood by even layman. Great going. I have immensely benefited from the various inputs given"
Veeresh Trivedi
Former Manager – Bank of India
"Thank you Gulshan Sir for imparting knowledge and hands on training on investment in share market using simple techniques to earn maximum returns"
Dr. Pramod Lanjewar
HOD - Mechanical Engineering
St. Vincent Palloti College of Engineering
"At NISMT you will get thorough knowledge about selecting stocks and managing them yourself. Complicated subjects explained in easy way"
Mr. Kiran Mali
Asst. Manager - Reserve Bank of India

You too can Learn and Earn!
Even if you have zero knowledge about stock market.

Why You Should
Learn to Invest in Stock Market Today

In a fast growing economy, our single source of income cant meet the lifestyle and comfort we desire. A decade back car was luxury, today it’s necessity. Hence we should create a second source of income to support our current and future needs. But there are very limited alternatives which one can explore considering their current work or business profile. Stock Market becomes a preferred choice as only input required is knowledge and skills about equity investment.
Stock market is not about speculation rather its a place for intellects. Share market is just an electronic platform where people exchange share of a company. Its the analysis of a company and its share price through various checks like PE levels, quarterly sales & profit, profit & loss, balance sheet, support and resistance level, indicators, option chain & open interest positions which ultimately gives a clear understanding of share price movement  Mastering these skills requires structured  training
We are living in the fastest growing economy in the world. Businesses are growing like never before, so does their stocks. Many people are benefiting from stock market and you too should take advantage of it. Also, it was never so easy to access information, back test, calculate complex formulas and modify indicators. Take a small step today, soon you will realize how far you have traveled  

Our Promise

With NISMT’s Complete Share Market Training Workshop you will learn to earn from share market so fast that you will be able to break through within first month, which would have otherwise taken 1 year or more by yourself.


Topics Covered

Basics of Share Market

Primary & Secondary Market, DMAT Operation - CNC, MIS, BO, CO.

Global Markets & Economy

Impact of global markets and factors affecting stock market, Indian economy.

Sector Analysis & Company Selection

Company Comparison - Profit & Loss Statement, Balance Sheet.

Critical Ratios

Business Ratios - Profitability Ratio, Leverage Ratio, Operational Efficiency Ratio, Liquidity Ratio.

Technical Analysis

Japanese Candle Sticks, Charts Analysis, Pattern, Volume Analysis, Support & Resistance.

Indicators & Oscillators

Indicators - SMA, EMA, MACD, RSI, Bollinger Bands, OBV

Statistical Analysis

Moving Averages, Standard Deviation, Interpolation


Risk Reward Ratio, Rules for Day Trading, Short Term & Long Term Investment, Creating your own SIP, Portfolio Management, Emotional Management.

Basics of Derivative Market

Fundamentals of Futures & Options.


Call Chain, Put Chain, Premium Calculation, Change in Premium, Factors affecting premium.

Option Analysis

Put Call Ratio, Max Pain, Option Chain Analysis, Open Interest Analysis, Support & Resistance on Option Chain.

Option Strategies

Spreads, Risk management, Entry at Resistance & Support.


Margin requirement, Roll Over, Cost of carry, Open Interest, Contracts.

Future Analysis

Open Interest Analysis, Long Built Up, Long Unwinding, Short Built Up, Short Covering, Volume Analysis.

Future Strategies

Money Management, Risk Management, Hedging, Averaging.


Fundamental & Technical Analysis

₹5999  ₹9999

  • Basics of Share Market
  • Valuation Analysis through P&L, Balance Sheet
  • Japanese Candle Types and Pattern
  • Trend Analysis
  • Support & Resistance
  • Volume Analysis
  • Indicators
  • Get Ready-made analysis of 5 Companies

Futures &

₹5999 ₹9999

  • Call & Put Option Chain Analysis
  • Premium Calculation
  • Understanding Put Call Ratio
  • Option Strategies
  • Futures
  • Margin Calculation & Risk Management
  • Open Interest Analysis
  • Max Pain & Put Call Ratio

Personalized Coaching Program

₹14999  ₹24999

  • Personalized Coaching
  • Online Training
  • Develop Practical Approach
  • Fundamental Analysis
  • Technical Analysis
  • Futures
  • Options
  • Charged Per Month Basis Per Topic