About The Trainer!

Gulshan Sachdev

National Institute of Share Market Training

Hello There!

I am engineer by qualification and equity investor by profession. I am also professional trainer, certified research analyst, wealth adviser and business coach.

I personally believe the single source of income not sufficient in today’s fast growing lifestyle. Having said its not easy to start new business to create another source of income. Hence feel equity investment the stock market is alternative wherein can create additional source of income. Only input required is knowledge and practice.

After my Thermal Engineering in 2005, I started job design engineer in Thermax Limited, Pune. Before becoming a full time equity investor I had worked with companies like Thermax Ltd, Global Education and Bennett Coleman (Times of India). I also worked on projects of Mckinsey and Govt of India.

As equity investor and professional trainer I now educate, guide and mentor people to become Equity Investor. I have trained  over 650 participants through my workshops. View Participants Feedback 

During journey to full time investor, I took many wrong decisions like “buying stock on gut feeling” “selling stock too early” “holding the stock even in loss” “searching for multi baggers”, “following big investors, news channels, friends for tips and shortcuts”

At the end just wasted lot of time and money, but in return these experiences gave me invaluable learning’s. That lead me the quest of finding the answers of WHY, WHEN and HOW MUCH the stock price would move. Finally I found the break through which recovered all my losses and gave me handsome returns. Soon I left my full time job and became full time equity investor.

To follow my passion trainer I designed own investment approach practical workshop that people can also benefit from stock market.

My programs are result of hard earned learning and experience of many years. It is based on real experience which also include ready made analysis of 10 companies from my portfolio case study. You can invest in right after the program. “Complete Share Market Training Workshop” is divided in 2 parts. 

1. Workshop 1: Fundamental Analysis & Technical Analysis

2. Workshop 2: Futures & Options ‘

“People who are interested in learning can under these two program either in Classroom Training or through Distance Learning Program. I also coach people personally through Personalized Coaching Program” 

Frequently Asked Questions

I will teach you everything – valuation analysis, technical analysis, futures and derivatives. With this knowledge you can do intraday trading, short term trading as well as long term investment. Its like once you learn how to drive a car you can do so on city roads, highways or hills. It just require some minor changes in approach and you are good to go.

Becoming Stock Market Investor is NOT EASY. It requires great deal of Knowledge and Skills like

  • Deep Understanding of Macro & Micro Economy
  • Understanding of Global Markets
  • Ability to do in depth research about company, its business cycle and factors affecting its performance
  • High level of Analytical & Statistical Skills
  • Ability to do Sector Analysis

If you wish to create life long fortunes then don’t expect the process of becoming an Equity investor to be easy. People lose their hard earned money because they are not ready to do the hard work.   If you too are looking for shortcuts and overnight gains. then you have come to the wrong place. I would suggest not to undergo any of my programs.

Only if you are passionate about learning you should join the program.  Remember, had things been so easy, everyone would have become a millionaire through stock market. Becoming Equity Investor is a process and a journey. Even after undergoing my training, it will take at least 1 to 3 months to sharpen your knowledge and back-test strategies before you start earning. 

Usually a new person would take at least 2 years to understand the concepts behind stock market investment. I help people by giving them a head start in this journey. I cut down this learning process to under 30 Days. 

I believe that “Time” as a factor has been misinterpreted by most people. If you have the right analysis and decision making capability, then it doesn’t matter if you stay invested for an hour, day, weeks or for many years, you will always make money. Futures & Options is a classical example of time independence. Usually, I may roll future contracts for months, on the other hand I may change option strategy the very next day. In both the cases it’s the analysis which drives the decision making, not the time.


It goes without saying that Institutional Investors have an upper hand in equity and derivative market. They are too smart to lose their money, hence the term SMART MONEY. One can never win against smart money. So when smart money makes a move, you better be on side they are, else you will only lose your money, no matter how good your analysis.

All four field of studies – fundamental, technical, futures and options together gives clear decision making capability. Any single approach have loopholes which increases risk thereby loss. I only work on top 100 companies, that too with only 7 to 12 companies in active portfolio at any given point of time. My approach is to understand the business cycle along with factors impacting its performance and then analyzing the stock technically over charts and indicators, its valuation thru books and finally the derivative market positions. This is the same approach i teach thru my programs.  

  • We are living in the fastest developing economy in the world. This is the best environment for businesses to scale. Growing business means growing stocks.
  • It was never so easy to access information & analyse complex data which have made analysis way too easy to understand and master
  • Equity Investment should be approached as a business. The only risk in stock market investment is the lack of knowledge which can be eliminated by educating yourself. Everything else is reward.
  • Nothing is more expensive than a missed opportunity. People from different background including students, doctors, engineers, Govt employees, bankers have now become part time equity investors. If you haven’t started yet, then its your loss.
  • You just need to give some time to learn, whereas it offers lifelong earnings.
  • At NISMT, we are dedicated to educate people to become independent equity investors. You too can become one, even if you have zero knowledge about it. Start your journey Today!